Social Media Management

Social Media Optimization

You know who you are and you know what your business brings to the table. But does everyone else? Your goal is to be at the top of your field, and our goal is to help you get there. With our social media optimization services you can focus on your craft while we help you gain new business by creating a strong social media strategy and presence, increasing brand awareness, and cultivating engaging, authentic relationships between you and your prospective clients. Our goal is to help you build. Increased website traffic, leads, and rankings don’t come on their own. Help us help you in gaining the recognition you deserve.

What We Do

  • Post daily to social media accounts
  • Schedule content planning
  • Develop custom content
  • Create blog posts
  • Engage with fans and prospective clients
  • Increase website traffic organically.
  • Expand following – likes, friends and followers
  • Upload and optimize YouTube videos monthly
  • Monitor and report monthly analytics
  • Generate targeted social media ads


  • Daily posting of new products & promotions or industry news
  • Engagement with fans
  • Targeted Facebook ads


  • Daily tweets & re-tweets
  • Responses to @ mentions
  • Follower management & proactive following

Google Plus

  • Daily posting of new products & promotions or industry news
  • Follower management & proactive following
  • Engagement with fans
  • Community outreach by +1’ing others


  • Daily posts to LinkedIn business page or personal account
  • Group engagement
  • Engagement with followers
  • Targeted LinkedIn Advertising


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