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Make the world your workplace

Empower yourself and your employees with the ability to work from anywhere on the planet. We have the tools to help your business become a band of digital nomads.

What's a digital nomad and how do I become one?

Most small and medium businesses are limited to working from a single to a few locations. With AcuMedia's remote services, you and your employees have the option to work wherever you want as long as you have an active Internet connection. 

Working remotely has long been considered the future. Recent events have caused us to shift gears into that future. Free yourself and your employees from permanent offices and become digital nomads, who have not one workplace but an unlimited number and can effortlessly move from workplace to workplace as they please. We offer all the necessary services to help you launch your remote workplace:


Remote Employees

I.T. Services

We can transform your entire business into a remote, cloud-based, & mobile infrastructure within days.

With our remote applications and tools, your employees can work online from anywhere in the world.

Our team of professional I.T. specialist can help you get started and can help you stay connected at all times.

Say goodbye to stationary workplaces

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Stay on cloud nine with our Business-as-a-Service (BaaS)

Business-as-a-Service (BaaS) is a revolutionary concept that allows a business to run entirely on the cloud and allows owners to focus on core business instead. Businesses have a lot of moving parts. With BaaS, we remove the unnecessary burdens from your busy life such as networking, storage, operating systems, databases, server management, security, VPNs, and applications. Focus on what matters and let us handle the grunt work. Some of the benefits and tools you will enjoy with our BaaS are: Speed, Agility, Adaptability, Scalability, Reliability, Cost, Flexibility, Analytics, Goal Focus, Collaboration, Monitoring, & Accountability.

Our BaaS also includes a suite of the latest and greatest tools that make working remotely easier than ever: 

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"Ever since I made the switch to a BaaS model, my business has thrived more than ever. I now have the time to find new customers as well as spend time developing new products and services. I'm not sure why more businesses have not moved to this model, but it is absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend it!"

- Carrissa B. , FleetServ

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Remote employees gives you complete flexibility

Having employees work remotely can provide your business with a number of key benefits from improved employee retention to lower operating costs to less employee commuting to increased productivity. Your sales people can make 1000 calls a day, your customer service reps can assist any client, and your developers can create innovative software all from the comfort of their home. There's no reason to continue having on-site employees. Make the transition today.

"With the tools AcuMedia provided for my employees, working from home has never been easier and production has increased tenfold. I should have done this years ago."

- Michael S., Durable Brands

Worry about what matters and we'll take care of the rest

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Lost your internet connection? Phone lines down? Computer won't boot up? A number of technical issues can arise in any workplace, remote or static. Instead of wasting time trying to fix it yourself, take advantage of our dedicated team of I.T. professionals, who have countless years of experience and multiple certifications. We are capable of tackling any challenge you encounter. 

"AcuMedia's team of technicians are the friendliest, most helpful people in the industry!"

- Eddie E., ReQuip

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